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Wang Ping’an is also a mouthful of alcohol. Before drinking, he ate some pills he had prepared before, which were specially used to relieve alcoholism. But he did not eat them after drinking, but before drinking. Although it was not a thousand cups, it was no problem to deal with water and alcohol. But then again, no matter how much you drink, after drinking, the body is certainly uncomfortable! Wang Ping’an patted Gu Lantian on the back and said, “Take it. Take it or not. Take it or not. Come on!” Gu Lantian vomited incessantly. As soon as Wang Ping’an patted him, he was so weak that he lay under the table. He could not say anything. His body was covered with vomit, dirty and smelly. Wang Pingan waved his hand to Tang Bing and said, “Help your viceroy go back to rest. When he sobers up, tell him I’m leaving. I’ll come to see him in two days. We’ll discuss everything then. Don’t worry.” As he spoke, he stood up, Di Renjie and Ouyang brothers rushed forward to help each other, helped him down the tower, and went to Zheliu County by car. Zheliu County is not far from Yumen Pass, almost telling the boundary of Yumen Pass, followed by the boundary of Zheliu County. But because of the vast territory outside the Shanhaiguan Pass, it was impossible to get to the county seat that night. The Turkic brigade set up a camp in the middle of the night and went on its way at dawn tomorrow. After Wang Ping’an entered the tent, he lay down for a while and felt uncomfortable. He called two little girls and helped him outside the tent. He vomited and drank some water. Then he went into the tent to rest. At the gate of Yumen Pass. In the middle of the night,touch screen interactive whiteboard, a man riding a wounded horse rushed to the city gate and shouted, “Open the door. I want to see the ancient viceroy. I am the attendant of the prime minister. Something has happened to our master.” This man is Fang Xuanling’s attendant leader, he fled into the woods, successfully escaped the robbers behind, but out of the woods, he was forced to flee by the robbers outside the woods. Yellow beard big fellow in advance is ready, because the woods are close to guazhou,interactive touch screens education, so he went to the direction of guazhou, arranged a lot of people, in fact he said two hundred and fifty reserve robbers, not ambush behind the direction of the motorcade, but ambush in the direction of guazhou! If the head of the bodyguard turned around and fled, running back and forth, he could escape directly, but he was frightened by the big fellow with yellow beard. He thought there was a road block behind him, so he fled in the direction of Guazhou. Although he escaped, he was injured all over. “Who are you?” Cried Tang Bing in the city? The city gate has just closed and will not open again until tomorrow morning. Wait a minute! “No, we can’t wait,” cried the chief of the guards. “Let me go into the city.” As he spoke, he tilted and fell off his horse. Chapter 452 the shabby folding willow county town. The Tang soldiers on the city wall saw this. After a discussion, although it was too dark to see who the man was, it was estimated that he would not be the enemy. The leader of a captain ordered people to put down the big basket, 75 smart board ,smartboard for business, the next Tang Bing. The Tang soldier came to the gate, ran to the head of the attendant, and saw that the head of the attendant had fainted. He lifted the man up, looked in his pocket, and found the waist card of the chief of the attendants. Tang Bing rushed to the top and shouted, “This man is a broken general. He is one of our own. It seems that he is really the general of the old prime minister Fang.” The captain at the top gave a cry and said, “It’s true that the prime minister is a seven-grade official. One of the family generals is actually a general of the broken Lu!” “General,” said all the Tang soldiers under him, “even if you retire from the army and return to your hometown, I’m afraid you won’t be able to break the rank of General Lu. That’s the rank of the seventh grade.” A captain snorted and said, “So what? Now he has to beg me!” With a wave of his hand, he asked the Tang soldier to put the attendant leader into the big basket and pull him up to the city. When the attendant leader was awakened, a captain naturally asked what had happened. But the attendant leader who is willing to say such a shameful thing, just said to see the ancient Lantian, a captain had to send someone to send him to the Dudufu. Unfortunately, Gu Lantian drank so much tonight that he couldn’t wake up, and seeing how loudly he snored, it was estimated that even if he wanted to wake up, he would have to wake up tomorrow afternoon, and it was very likely that he would wake up at night. The attendant leader was almost anxious to vomit blood, and went to find the lieutenant, let the lieutenant send troops, but he refused to make things clear, just want a group of elite soldiers, preferably all scouts, let him take “to see” the old prime minister! But lieutenant who dare to send troops out, the attendant leader without the warrant of Fang Xuanling, and Gu Lantian can’t write a warrant, let him send troops to the attendant leader, where dare he do such a thing. If as long as there is a high official’s servant, run to say to transfer troops, and then he gave the soldiers to go, then the border defense is not a child’s play! The chief attendant couldn’t wait, so he borrowed a horse from his lieutenant and asked Tang Bing to take him and Ma Shun out of the city to find Wang Ping’an. Wang Ping’an should be transferred to his army. And Fang Xuanling was kidnapped by robbers, and Wang Ping’an can also say. He ran all the way to the Turkic camp. At this time, after a night of tossing and turning, the sky was already bright, and the Turks were packing up their tents and preparing to head for the county town of Zheliu. The attendant leader inquired all the way and came to Wang Ping’an’s tent. He saw a mess in front of the tent. He seemed to have drunk too much and vomited. The chief attendant was in a great hurry. Did he make a mistake? Did Wang Ping’an drink too much and vomit like this. This is really a leak in the house, but it rains all night, the boat is late and meets the first wind, to the critical moment, how to drink too much! The head of the bodyguard steeled himself and told the Ouyang brothers outside the tent that he wanted to see Wang Ping’an. He was Fang Xuanling’s attendant. The Ouyang brothers had seen him and told Wang Ping’an without any neglect. Wang Ping’an is much better than Gu Lantian, although he drank too much. He had a hangover, but as soon as he heard Fang Xuanling’s attendant, he got up and called in the attendant leader. After the attendant leader entered the account, he did not dare to hide the truth and told the story in detail. Wang Ping’an was taken aback. Fang Xuanling and Wang Wendu were caught,smart board whiteboard, and they were caught more than ten miles away from Guazhou! How can you say that? Those robbers are too bold! After a night of hard work, the attendant leader had lost his strength. After saying these words, he fainted in the tent. Wang Pingan hurriedly looked at him and found that it was caused by the exuberant heart fire. He was so angry that he prescribed a dose of medicine and let the two little girls fry it and feed it to the chief of the attendants.

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