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Liangchen showed a surprised expression, she did not expect to be so coincidental. Then you and Xiaolan check the line is not the same? All looking for that friend? Xie Qiuli looked a little strange. She looked at her and said, “She was there yesterday.” “Huh?” Cool Chen did not react for a while to come over what this presence means, but this is not too long for a while, her face became stunned: “Yesterday?”? She was there yesterday? “Mmm.” Xie Qiuli nodded: “She was also in the bar yesterday, drinking with my friend in the bar, and I also heard what my friend said.” Cool Chen complexion is also strange up: “so coincidentally?”? I didn’t see her yesterday. “She is in the box.” “No wonder.” Shaking her head, she Liangchen did not think much about this matter: “Eat, do not eat food on the cold.” Liangchen just sighed, and did not think darkly about her friend, because she did not feel that Lin Lan saw herself yesterday, just as she did not see her. I don’t know if Lin Lan knew about this, but if she did, she would certainly blame herself for not finding herself earlier yesterday. ———— Evening, Fulin community, in a villa. The warm yellow light scattered in the whole room, not dazzling, and made the room more warm. “Lin Lan sat in front of the notebook looking at a new mail, his face was so bright that it was difficult to determine, and he was unusually ugly.” Xie Qiuli! Lin Lan clenched her fist and smashed it into the table. She gasped and looked at the things written in the mail. There was a fire and fear in her eyes. This swooping bitch! Xie Qiuli this person, of course, Lin Lan himself has heard, after all, this guy has been sitting on the rich list of writers for a long time. Xie Qiuli behind the forces can not be underestimated, she looks like an orphan on the surface, a person relying on literary talent to the present, but this is only Xie Qiuli show to some ordinary people to see things. This guy is connected to the underground! Lin Lan gnashed her teeth and looked at the three words Xie Qiuli in the mail. She’s not dead. She’s been in contact with this organization. The people in this organization are crazy and carry out some unspeakable experiments. These experiments are forbidden, but the organization has something to do with many people. Rich people,ultrasonic metal welding, scientists, people in power.. Their hands are in many places. Only those who have come into contact with it will know how frightening and disturbing this organization is. She did not know whether Xie Qiuli was still working for the organization, but she knew that before she was sure, she must not make excessive moves against Xie Qiuli. Or even investigate her! Chapter 133 you are just a stepping stone (6). The full name of the upcoming play is “Demon Conquering”, which tells a love story under the irreconcilable background of the two races. Like the name, this play is shemale love. The man is an orphan, a child raised by a demon. He is one of the few people in the world who is not absolutely hostile to the demon clan. And the heroine is a demon clan with the idea of peace between the two races. At the beginning of the plot, the heroine runs away from home and meets the fledgling hero. The two people who hide their identities go together. The story of the world. The end of the story is not good, the hero because of prestige, because of strength, because of position, became the strongest human race, no matter how deep love, can not make them betray their own race. The man sealed the demon world, ultrasonic welding transducer ,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, while the woman gave birth to a daughter for the man and died alone in the demon world. The man also died of depression after sealing the demon world. Liangchen does not intend to change the ending, although this ending is a tragedy, but it is recognized by most people. On the set, Liangchen has selected the most suitable person for the heroine from the actors who came to interview for the role of the heroine. And the man, this is already decided, is recommended by Xie Qiuli. Had reviewed at home before, when the film started shooting, although Liangchen is still a little nervous, but much better than before, at least others can not see that she is a little panic. Fortunately, there is not only one director in a film, but also an assistant director and others. After the shooting, Liangchen left the city where he lived and went to Hengdian, where he lived and ate in the hotel prepared by the crew. Began to be a little nervous, slowly, Liangchen absorbed the experience of the original owner, after a few days of shooting, there was a feeling. However, correcting other people’s acting skills really makes her head bigger. Fortunately, these people she invited are not too big names, oh, except the man. Xie Qiuli said that Chen Yu was suitable, but later said that she had already been chosen, in the shooting day brought over the male lead, not others, it is the high pay so that Liangchen dare not go to invite Chen Yu! He seems to know Xie Qiuli, and the relationship between the two people is still very good, to shoot this play, the salary as long as the friendship price of one million. Up to now, the feelings of female supporting roles are basically brought by Chen Yu, which makes Liangchen feel a little uncomfortable, so low pay please, the result is so troublesome to shoot. Card! Okay, that’s it for today. After shooting the last scene of the day, Liangchen clapped his hands and shouted to leave. It’s getting late now, and it’s night. Go back and take off your makeup and go to bed early, everyone. Liangchen said, just shot that scene and watched several times, confirmed that it was perfect, there is no place to modify before getting up. Do you have to shoot so late every day? Xie Qiuli’s voice came from one side. She came to visit the class today, not to visit Chen Yu, but to visit herself. She had been waiting beside her for more than an hour. Not often. After all, it’s a movie. Haven’t you read the script? The crew began to pack things, Liangchen this director did not go to help, but went to Xie Qiuli side: “Right, you do not go and talk to Chen Yu?” “What is there to say to him?” “I don’t understand how such a cold man as you can get along so well with him.” “It’s just fate.” Xie Qiuli picked up the bag in his hand and said,ultrasonic cutting machine, “I was going to bring you dinner, but now it seems to be all cold.” “It’s all right. Just heat it up. By the way, do you want to go to my room?” “Yes.” Liangchen reacted to what he had just said and almost bit off his tongue.

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