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The business is taking benefit of the many software products from AOL and one of the products is AOL Desktop Gold. Those who are acquainted with this software’s old version know about it but are new to this software can download it readily. Therefore, if you face any issues in Download AOL Desktop Gold, get in touch with experts in technical support. With your assistance, they will assist you correctly to install or upgrade the software readily without any attempt.

Features of Download AOL Desktop Gold.

·         Deadline for email attachment: 25 MB

·         For 90 days, free transfer.

·         It promotes protocols OP3, SMTP, and IMAP.

·         Security of extra layer.

·         It features an AIM panel displaying critical friend’s data.

AOL Email Customer Care Number

   Technical experts from AOL Customer Service are certified and extremely qualified in Install AOL Desktop Gold. They have more than 2 years of experience on AOL Desktop Gold and have handled more than 2500 instances. AOL Customer Service Number can be called. Download AOL Desktop Gold for free experience.

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