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“There are too many people here, Black Lord. We’d better get out quickly.” Sang Niang looked at the stream of people. I don’t know why there is a trend of gradual increase. The noise on the river was getting louder and louder, and there was drum music coming, and I was afraid that some celebration would begin soon. With a hum, Hei Dongsheng stepped forward and leaned closer. He looked down at Sang Niang and said, “Sang is in charge of the family. I’ve offended you.” Then he raised a hand behind Sang Niang and half hugged her to break through the stream of people and walk forward. Sang Niang blushed more and more, and tried to stay away from Hei Dongsheng and follow him. The noise ahead grew louder and louder. It is estimated that all the villagers in Shili Baxiang have come to join in the fun. A short section of the river was blocked tightly. Two people were trapped in the stream of people and could not move an inch. Sang Niang was squeezed by the crowd and had no choice but to lean into Hei Dongsheng’s arms. She felt very embarrassed for a moment and wanted to get out of his arms. Unexpectedly, Hei Dongsheng raised his arm to hold her waist: “Don’t move when Sang is in charge. I was hurt by the crowd when I turned around.” The sound of drums in the river is loud, and the sound of people on the bank is noisy. Standing on the bank and looking down, there is a group of flower boats in the middle of the river. The first ship was about three stories high, covered with colorful lotus lanterns. A tall statue of Guanyin stood at the bow of the ship. On the three decks on both sides of the ship, strong men with bare arms were arranged neatly, tied with red belts and red hair ropes. In front of them,ultrasonic metal welding, a red painted cowhide drum the size of a water tank fell neatly together, and the sound of the drum shook the sky. Clever jugglers somersaulted to the sound of drums. Behind the first ship is a neat boat fleet. They were all praying for blessings. As the ship moved forward, they worshipped the statue of Guanyin on the first ship. The sandalwood on the ship was fragrant and the smoke filled the air. On the top floor of each blessing boat, there is a dragon dance team. With the sound of drums, the body of the dragon is churning with sparks, which is lively. It turns out that the cruise ship is coming. No wonder there are so many people. The people around followed the direction of the fleet, and they suddenly became more and more difficult to go against the current. The two men were forced to stay where they were. Hei Dongsheng hugged Sang Niang and hid under a willow tree. At least he didn’t have to be pushed in the opposite direction by the crowd. Hei Dongsheng looked at Sang Niang with a wry smile on his lips. “It seems that we came out at a bad time.” The drums are deafening. He had to lower his head to Sang Niang’s ear. As a result, ultrasonic extraction cbd ,sonicator homogenizer, the faint fragrance of gardenia lingered in my nose. Hei Dongsheng’s body is as tall and warm as Xuan Tianqing. Xuan Tianqing. I don’t know how he is staying in the house at the moment. Are you really checking the accounts or accompanying Miss Zhuqing. Sang Niang thought and lowered her eyes. She felt a pain in her heart somehow. Then she looked at Hei Dongsheng with a smile and said, “Please protect Sang Niang.” The shadow of the willow hit Hei Dongsheng’s face, unable to see his expression clearly, only to see the inky eyes looking at her. Sang Niang suddenly felt that this was inappropriate. They were so close that she could almost feel the faint breath of Hei Dongsheng. Sang Niang looked at him with a smile like a spirit in the light and shadow. Such a warm and unguarded smile. Is it because of this that the fox is attracted? Too close, her lips were right in front of him. Hei Dongsheng’s heart jumped out of balance. He’s a man. In the face of a beautiful woman in their arms when there is reverie should be normal, right? But she’s the fox’s wife. Somehow, Hei Dongsheng felt a little disappointed when he thought of it. The fleet of the cruise ship went farther, and the crowd around him was no longer so crowded. Hei Dongsheng then let go of Sang Niang and stepped back: “Sang is in charge. Let’s go.” Sang Niang lowered her head to hide the blush on her face. Just as she was about to take a step, a woman cried loudly in front of her: “Hey, my treasure, where have you been? Don’t scare your mother.” Hei Dongsheng’s face froze and he turned to look in the direction of the woman’s cry. The crowd in front was sparse, and a young woman in her twenties was sitting on a boulder on the shore, clapping her legs and crying loudly. Hei Dongsheng walked over. The young woman was comforted by several peddlers who were selling things: “Don’t worry too much, sister-in-law Zhang. Maybe there were too many people just now. Baoer was too fond of playing and didn’t know that she had gone to that corner. She would know to go home later.” Yes, sister-in-law. Niu Er has already asked Big Brother Zhang to go. Come back and look for him again. ” “What’s the matter?” A few people came out of the crowd in the slanting thorn, and it turned out to be Chief Wang and Cui Wuyouchun. They were all dressed in official clothes, presumably patrolling the streets. When Zhang’s sister-in-law saw the official, she sobbed and stopped crying: “Everybody..” My Lord, the child of the slave family is lost. “When did you find it?” Hei Dongsheng went to the front. Chief Wang and several yamen runners immediately saluted: “Black Lord!” Hei Dongsheng waved his hand to signal them not to be too polite. Sang Niang followed and stood quietly on the edge of the crowd. “He and Chief Wang nodded and said hello.” Just after the cruise ship passed. Zhang’s sister-in-law burst into tears again: “Our treasure is timid and well-behaved. She never leaves me three steps away.”. There were too many people and too crowded just now. I was afraid of hurting the child, so I let him climb up the tree and sit there. Zhang’s sister-in-law said that she turned around and pointed to a big tree behind the big stone: “Who knows that the child disappeared after the cruise ship..” Hei Dongsheng looked up at the big tree. The shortest branches have the thickness of a person’s waist, and are inclined to the Huai River across the ground, because the embankment has a certain slope, so the branches are not high from the ground. A grown man can reach it. It is not surprising to say that someone just reached out and held Boa down. Hei Dongsheng pondered for a moment and then turned to look at Chief Wang. “Ask about the child’s appearance and dress. These people around you will disperse and look around for the child again.”. You should go back to the Yamen as soon as possible and check if there has been any loss of children in Shili Baxiang recently. Chief Wang answered and took the order. Hei Dongsheng looked back at Sang Niang and said,ultrasonic dispersion machine, “Sang is in charge. I’m afraid Hei can’t go to the Huai River with you tonight.” “The black man is busy with his own.” Sang Niang smiled indifferently. Hei Dongsheng nodded, “That’s all right. It’s better for Sang to go back to the mansion first.”. Save it for people to remember. Sang Niang nodded. Hei Dongsheng then called a yamen runner to accompany Sang Niang to walk back, while he left the original place with Zhang’s sister-in-law.

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