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Bai San’s balance ability was very poor. When he walked on a single-plank bridge, he walked two-thirds and fell into the river. But instead of swimming toward the opposite bank, which was only a third of the way away, Bai San turned his head and swam back to the shore. If he doesn’t believe it, he can’t cross the single-plank bridge! Bai Sanshui stood on the bridge again. 。 At that time, there was a punter passing by in the village and said, “I will send you there by boat.” Bai San said, No! I must cross this bridge today. He went to walk on the single tree again. It was harder to walk this time than last time, because as he walked, he poured water on the log and made it slip. He walked on as hard as he could, and kept on cursing in his mouth, cursing both the single tree and himself. As a result, after only a third of the way, he fell into the river again. He climbed up the bank and walked again. The kind man who pushed the boat smiled and said, “This white three,” and pushed the boat away, regardless of him. Bai San failed again and again, and finally he was so angry that he picked up the single tree, threw it into the water, and then held it and swam to the other side. Bai San is now firmly opposed to Bai Que’s contacts with Chiang Yilun. Bai San looks down on Jiang Yilun. Bai San has only one daughter, Bai Que. He was going to give her to someone he liked. But the person that Bai Que likes is Jiang Yilun. Wherever the white bird went, there was Jiang Yilun in his eyes, and he could always hear the sound of his flute. Bai San said, “That Jiang Yilun, a poor teacher,High Density Storage Drive In Rack, what’s so good about him?” Bai Que ignored Bai San, combed her hair and looked at her in the mirror. Bai San was so angry that he threw her mirror on the ground. “His father is a big landlord, and he is raised by the concubine!” The white sparrow began to cry, “What’s wrong with the concubine?”? A 4th wife is also a wife. 。 A wife is better than no wife. Bai San picked up the shoulder pole to beat the white sparrow. Because Bai Que’s words were like a sharp knife poking at Bai San’s heart: Bai San has no wife. Bai San’s wife went to the south of the Yangtze River with someone when Bai Que was less than one year old. Bai San has always been a bachelor. The white sparrow knew that the white three would not hit her, crying, choking her neck, shrugging and twitching her shoulders, and standing there motionless. White three understand: white bird big, want to fly. But Bai San could not change his opinion. He wanted to ask someone to find another man for Bai Que, but he just couldn’t give Bai Que to Jiang Yilun. Zhang Shengjia, a neighbor, had taken a fancy to the white sparrow and wanted to tell it to his nephew Gu Wei. Gu Wei is the clerk of the town. Bai San has seen this white and bookish Gu Wei. Zhang Sheng knew what Bai San was thinking and said, industrial racking systems ,Automated warehouse systems, “This is a good thing.”. Let the two children meet first. Bai San asked Bai Que to meet Gu Wei. The white sparrow did not have a good reason not to see the reed, and the white sparrow seemed to have seen the reed somewhere. Bai Que did not firmly refuse Bai San. She wanted Jiang Yilun to help her stand up. So he wrote the letter, asked Jiang Yilun what to do, and asked Jiang Yilun to meet at the big mill behind the village. At the appointed time, the white bird pretended to work in his vegetable field and went to the big mill with a basket. Jiang Yilun, who did not receive the letter, would certainly not appear here. The white sparrow stood in the evening wind and waited for Jiang Yilun until it was dark. She was a little afraid, so she had to go home. On the way, she was angry with Jiang Yilun. He dared to delay the discussion of such an important matter. But Bai Que thought that in the past days, Jiang Yilun had never missed an appointment, and even every time he was present first, he suspected that he had misremembered the date. It’s dusk, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But she was not sure which day it was at dusk. So the next evening, the white sparrow came to the mill again. The situation is the same as yesterday. This time the white bird thought of another reason: he didn’t care! The white sparrow said in his heart all the way. : I don’t care. I’ll see Gu Wei tomorrow! Back home She really said to Bai San, “Didn’t you let me see Gu Wei?”? I see 。” Jiang Yilun could not wait for Bai Que’s letter, so he panicked and went to the riverside to play the flute. The white bird heard it, but the white bird did not think of an idea to get rid of Bai San’s eyes and went to the river to see Jiang Yilun. The white sparrow has seen the reed. After the white sparrow saw the reed, there was an indescribable feeling. She seemed to regret seeing Gu Wei. The most restless in my heart is Sang Sang. When he opened the letter that day, he actually read only a few lines. There must be something important in that letter, he thought, and I have delayed their business. As soon as he saw Jiang Yilun looking out of his mind, he lowered his head. Jiang was absent-minded again during a round of lectures. Sang Sang listened to the lecture, but he was even more absent-minded. In his mind, the pages were always turning over. Sang Sang wanted to wait for another letter from Bai Que. That day, he appeared in the alley again and sang a song. He sang as he scratched the wall along the lane with tiles picked up at random on the ground. Sing from the end of the lane to the end of the lane, and from the end to the end. When he reached the door of the White Sparrow’s house, he amplified his voice and sang. But the white bird never came out. He thought maybe the white bird was sleeping and didn’t hear it. He looked at the marks he had made on the wall and decided not to sing, but to shout: One star, Hang the oil bottle! Leakage of oil bottle, Stir-fried black beans! Black bean fragrance, Sell ginger! Ginger is hot. Fold the pagoda! The spire of the pagoda, Break the sky! God. Oh, God. Alas, Sanbai Chenglong and the land! The land father-in-law does not eat meat. Two ducks circle and swallow! He almost stood at the door of the white bird’s house and called. But even so, the white bird did not come out. Sister Bai Que, you don’t want to talk to Teacher Jiang, and you don’t want to talk to me. He hung his head and left the door of the White Sparrow. That night, Sang Sang pushed open the door of Jiang Yilun’s dormitory and said, “Sister Baique gave me a letter that day. I broke it and threw it away..” Jiang Yilun said, “Oops!” He put his hands around his head and turned around on the spot. Then he plopped himself on the bed and thumped the bed board a few times. Then he kicked off the leather shoes on his feet one by one with his feet. With two drops, he fell to the ground: “My Sang Sang!” Sang Sang stood upright in the doorway. Jiang Yilun tilted his head and gave Sang Sang a wry smile. Sang Sang left,push back racking system, but he did not go far, Jiang Yilun stopped him: “Sang Sang, you will come to me later.” 。

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