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“If this flame will continue to increase, then even if I don’t use this big array of blood, I will put this bastard out!” As soon as the blood-red banner in the hand of Desire Sky shook, waves of ferocious breath shook out from the banner and slowly merged into the sea of blood! Similarly, Ying Long is now more anxious than lust, because his secret method is developed with the help of a woman he loves most, to liberate the power of the Dragon Ball with the soul of the real dragon, and then gather the endless heat of heaven and earth! Can burn the stars, heaven and earth melt, but it has great damage to his life, and before long, he is gambling, gambling that the blood river array will be disrupted by him, if the infinite life of the Shura clan really faces the fall, by contrast, their mood is very complicated! “It seems.”. It’s time to spell, Dragon Ball Solution! Ying Long mouth spit out a golden dragon ball, above the dragon gas boiling, has the maximum limit to mobilize the power above, Ying Long in order to maintain the power of the furnace of heaven and earth, had to use the power of the dragon ball, if wait a little longer, this desire to hold back, then he can only run. He doesn’t want to lose his soul here. That’s not how you sell your life! The two sides are fighting fiercely. Whoever gives up first is the winner, at least the winner now, they don’t know. Above the void, a Taoist is sitting, smiling, watching the fierce battle below! The Taoist’s plain robe hung a jade gourd on his waist. The mouth of the gourd bottle was not closed, and it was emitting a hazy smell of wine,liquid bottle filling machine, which was as thick as fog, covering the lower body of the Taoist. Hair ^ ^ There is no decoration on the head, a head of black hair randomly scattered in the air. With the breath flowing in the void slowly flying, bright eyes, funny looking at the battle below, this is Lin Xuan’s unique decoration, any person with great magical powers to see him, will understand that the sage of Taixuan Island has come out! “Ying Long?”? This guy is such a genius, this so-called furnace of heaven and earth, is about to start the fire of chaos, if. He needs more magic. Once the fire of chaos is drawn out. This blood river array can only end up being incinerated! Lin Xuan in this void drift for a long time,water bottling line, now he is very depressed why he no longer live for two years, and then through, at least can know where the jade dish of creation? Now can be good, nature jade dish also do not know where again? His request is not big at all, just hope to let him understand it, but now he is a saint who doesn’t like to come out to fight and kill, but he still wants to come into the great disaster of heaven and earth! “Jade Dish of Nature, Jade Dish of Nature, I really don’t know where you are. It’s a trick of nature!”! The way of heaven is true. Why do we have to arrange this? Let him get it earlier, isn’t it good? Must do so, now can be good, must wait for this seal demon, can find him, if tease me again, I quit, when the time comes, I will give the East Emperor Bell to summon out, will also find the five flags, I forcibly open up the world, I just don’t care what creation jade dish, not creation jade dish! Lin Xuan has been angry, Blowing Filling Capping combiblock ,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, originally, although the East Emperor Bell was swept away by Hongjun, but he is not a little helpless, after all, this should belong to him, and finally must be Hongjun teacher with a balance to break the topic to summon away, do not force him to be anxious! “This should dragon is really, so little magic power, where he uses what heaven and earth furnace to do?”? All right, all right, let me help him, too! Then go to this chaotic world for a walk, I still want to make a mess of this world, and then go to discuss with Hongjun teacher! Lin Xuan waved his hand, a blue light emanated from his hand, and for a moment, it rushed into Ying Long’s body! Ying Long was struggling with the Dragon Ball, but suddenly a powerful force without boundaries emerged, the Dragon Ball burst into a huge light, heaven and earth began to make crazy noises, and the huge transparent furnace had slowly formed its essence! When the surrounding void touched the huge furnace, it felt the incomparable temperature and began to emit, and the crazy flames slowly began to change color, no matter white, purple or gold flames, they all began to change to transparent color, and faintly you could see a trace of chaotic color, which is the so-called chaotic fire. The fire of chaos that can burn everything in the world! “Ang!” Should the dragon really can’t stand, a dragon sing, endless power poured into the dragon ball, the dragon ball began to become more and more powerful, emitting more and more thick light, a dragon’s shadow has been formed on the dragon ball, the shadow of the dragon is actually a chaotic dragon, emitting great majesty! “Zulong?” Who in the end is helping him, unexpectedly there is such a powerful force influx, his dragon ball one of the marks of Zulong, completely summoned out, the whole sky is the appearance of Zulong, a crazy roar, Zulong’s power gathered into the furnace of heaven and earth, the furnace of heaven and earth finally completely formed! The sky is the top, the earth is the bottom, the void is the wall, the space in the middle is the river of blood, endless chaotic fire, emitting out, every moment, will emit a burst of absolute chaotic power, the sea of blood has consumed a lot in an instant! “No, Shiva, we can’t use the Blood River Array any more. If we continue to use it, the Blood River will be completely annihilated. Help me, we will gather the power of tens of millions of Shura clans, and then the furnace of heaven and earth will be completely broken through. Otherwise, our immortal body will also be completely dead!” Desire day completely anxious, a wave of the hand, that burst of blood light rich to the essence, the soul of the surrounding Shura people absorbed over, and then transformed into a river of blood! “I’m afraid we have no power to destroy this powerful furnace of heaven and earth. This is the fire of chaos!”! The fire of chaos, which is known as the first fire in the three realms, can burn out all the material fire of chaos! Shiva is also a little alarmed, the fire of chaos can destroy all matter, unless we can mobilize the water spirit of chaos, water and fire blend and then return to peace,Edible oil filling machine, otherwise, the fire will burn endlessly, burning everything in it.

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