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“Isn’t it easier to solve the problem if they don’t move now?”? If you don’t kill them now, do you have to wait until they come to their senses to fight to the death? Shen Weilan knew that several disciples were worried about themselves, but it was not necessary. She just consumed too much spiritual power for a while, and she could recover in a day or two. After saying that, Shen Weilan waved his hand, “OK, the teacher knows that you are worried about the master, but it’s just a temporary loss of strength, no big deal.”. You’d better go back quickly, so that you don’t panic in the hearts of the rest. “Yes.” Seeing Shen Weilan’s repeated emphasis, several disciples suppressed their inner worries and went to the front line one after another. Elder Martial Brother, the Tiger King has come out. The rest depends on you. Seeing that the disciples were almost gone, Shen Weilan whispered to Mu Yan. Don’t worry, sister, I understand. But after I leave, Younger Martial Sister should also be careful. Mu Yanxing nodded, leaving a sentence, the figure disappeared like a water mirror. From the very beginning, Mu Yanxing had never made a move, and the people of the clan complained about it, but it was only because of Shen Weilan and several disciples’ profound cultivation that it was suppressed. Several disciples also do not understand why has not shot, if said to preserve strength, but later even the master shot, also did not see Shibo have any movement, it is really strange. At this time, the situation of one man and one tiger fighting in the air changed again. Yunlan Tiger King a roar, direct impact on the spirit of the elder Aoki, Aoki only care about the control of the wooden pillar, for a moment was shocked by a few breaths. It was in these few breaths that Yunlan Tiger King showed his sharp golden claws and tore up the wood wrapped around his body. The sawdust was flying in the air, and Aoki suddenly met a part of the magic weapon of his life. His face suddenly began to turn white, and a mouthful of blood gushed out of his throat, which he endured and swallowed. Roar! After destroying the troublesome things on his body, Yunlan Tiger King roared and went straight to Aoki. Not to be outdone,uns s31803 sheet, Aoki took another step and drew a row of wooden arrows. These wooden arrows were ten feet long, and with a wave of their hands, they shot at the tiger king with the momentum of thunder. Puff, puff. Although the tiger king’s posture is vigorous, but on the one hand, there are many wooden arrows, and on the other hand, it is controlled by people. Although it retains its original body reaction, it is a little stiff after all, so it can’t avoid being shot by a series of wooden arrows, and its body is bleeding frequently. Finding that everything was as he had expected, Elder Aoki nodded to himself, and after holding the formula in his hand, he raised it again. In an instant, countless wooden bars appeared from the ground and went straight to the Tiger King. These wooden bars, like the previous wooden pillars, were wrapped around the Tiger King. Because it is not the magic weapon of life, x70 line pipe ,x52 line pipe, no matter how many roots the tiger king pulls, there will be a wooden bar behind it. After fixing the Tiger Queen, Elder Aoki recited the formula, and the spiritual power between heaven and earth kept coming towards him. It was obvious that the formula was very powerful. The spirit beasts below saw that the tiger king was frustrated and began to attack the friar desperately. Fortunately, some of them were solved while they were not moving, and the number of spirit beasts was greatly reduced, and the monks from all sides of Nanzhou blocked the attack of the retailers. A wooden sword in the sky gradually took shape, Shen Weilan looked from a distance, and the divine consciousness constantly signaled danger. The elder Aoki in the air blushed and held out the last hilt of the wooden sword, which immediately pointed to the Tiger King. Wooden sword speed is very fast, as if through time and space in general, one second is still in the hands of Aoki, the next moment appeared in the head of the Tiger King. Sensing the deadly danger, the tiger king’s hair stood on end, and then the red in his eyes gradually faded to two golden pupils. After the golden pupil appeared, Aoki only felt that the spirit was fiercely attacked, and then the whole person became muddleheaded, the wooden sword also turned under his guidance, straight to the South Aoyama Friar. Elder Aoki, why are you? “Aoki Michi-kun, wake up!” “Ah!” When the wooden sword came, the whole South Castle Peak wailed. Aoki suddenly struck back, Nanqingshan monks were unprepared, plus this sword with the power of Dao Jun, immediately on Nanqingshan, no matter the monks were killed or wounded. Unexpectedly, the Tiger King has awakened the magical power of the control class. Wind and cloud sudden change in the air, Shen Weilan is also frowning, Yunlan Tiger King this time all the people present did not think of. The spirit beast can awaken the supernatural power of life in the primordial infant period, but the spirit beast in this beast tide is strange here. After a few days, no spirit beast has the supernatural power of life in the primordial infant period or in the spiritual period. Originally, people were still on guard, but over time, for the spirit beast in the beast tide, everyone acquiesced that it had no magical power of life. Shen Weilan also does not feel strange, the beast tide originally is composed by the aptitude low spirit beast which is urged to ripen, has not awakened this life supernatural power not to be strange. However, when the Tiger King was caught off guard by Aoki, he suddenly used his magic power to control Aoki. Moreover, when they are injured and controlled by others, they can use the supernatural power of life to control the existence of the same rank as themselves at one stroke, which only shows that the supernatural power of life is very powerful. It has been said before that the power of the supernatural power of life is closely related to the aptitude potential of the spirit beast itself, which is somewhat unreasonable. Shen Weilan at this time in the body of spiritual power, can only recover, while observing the situation in the air, while secretly praying for Mu Yanxing action all the best. The people who resist the beast tide and Shen Weilan are all in the same mind. Yunlan Tiger King is Dongxuan period, only Aoki can deal with it, once Aoki fails, the consequences are unimaginable. For the sake of Nanzhou and himself, everyone is watching the air closely, hoping that Aoki can break free as soon as possible and give the Tiger King a thunderbolt. It is a pity that Shen Weilan and other people’s ideas have come to nothing. At this time, Aoki is coming towards Nanqingshan step by step under the control of the Tiger King. Although his movements are awkward, it shows that he is still struggling,321 stainless steel sheet, but it is a fact that he is getting closer and closer to the South Castle Peak. South Aoyama area monk spirit beast has not been solved, the original strong support Aoki elder also turned into the enemy’s goons toward their own, immediately south Aoyama up and down in the hearts of the monks are courage and despair.

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