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Negative distance contact has a magical magic, as if the distance between two people is pulled to the nearest, even if they sit quietly at both ends of the table and do not speak, they still feel the air is sticky. It’s a little different from the previous intimacy. She could not say exactly, but it made her heart sweet, and she did not regret breaking the principle for him. Josh probably felt the same way when he saw his car downstairs in the lab at noon. Shi Yu helped Professor Huang to send things to Professor Luo, just at lunch time, he invited Si Zhen to go to the canteen together. He asked her about the progress of the paper, out of the gate, suddenly found that she stopped for a short time, the look immediately changed, his face suddenly more than he had ever seen a kind of brilliance. Then she looked at him apologetically and said, “Shi Yu, you go first, and I’ll go later.” Shi Yu said in a light voice and walked past the black Phaeton. After dinner, he had a small meeting with the cadres of the student union and returned to the laboratory at one o’clock. Coincidentally, Shi Yu saw Si Zhen get out of the car and carefully arranged his collar. Her face was flushed, her eyes were rolling, she waved to the people in the car, and she stood by the side of the road watching the car drive away. A garrulous man in the same bed likes to guess in private which couple in the college has been in bed and which girl looks pure but is not a virgin. Shi Yu used to feel bored,x70 line pipe, but when he saw Si Zhen’s appearance at that moment, he found that some things could be seen at a glance. When Josh came to see her, Si Zhen was very happy, but he was pressed in the car and kissed and touched, sticky for an hour in the blink of an eye. Thanks to the fact that the front of the car was facing the wall, the windows were hidden enough not to be seen. There was no time for lunch, so she went to the store to buy a loaf of bread to fill her stomach and hurried back to the lab. She thought she had satisfied his craving last night, and she didn’t want the man to be more interested in it after the meal,x52 line pipe, and she was very enthusiastic about it. Back home from Berkeley in the evening, Si Zhengang changed his shoes, and he was already hugged from behind. He lowered his head and kissed her neck, stroked her hands through her clothes, and unbuttoned two of her coat buttons skillfully. Si Zhen put down his schoolbag, and behind his buttocks he could clearly feel his high spirits of awakening and shouting at her. I don’t know where he got the inexhaustible energy to rest in the middle of the night, but he is still so energetic today. The chest was bitten and swollen by him yesterday, and it was better in the past day, and it felt a little swollen and numb when it was touched. Underwear is very thin, simply can not stop the feeling of his flexible fingers, Si Zhen blushed and pushed his hand: “I am a little uncomfortable.” “I’ll be gentle.” Biting her ear, Joh picked up the layer of material with his fingertips and slid his palm into it. Si Zhen could not resist and was carried back to the bedroom by him. His clothes had faded and were clean. Thinking of his rudeness yesterday, Si Zhen was a little afraid and bit his lip gently. He spread her legs and stared at the tender color, igniting the dark fire in his eyes. Si Zhen didn’t expect him to look, uns c70600 ,a333 grade 6 pipe, so he was so ashamed that he hurried to cover his eyes. Don’t look. His eyes were covered, but the scene that had just entered his eyes was deeply impressed in his mind. Josh covered his finger pulp with thin cocoons. The tender touch made him breathe tightly, and the desire in his blood burned loudly. Exploring in the dark seemed to make him more excited, his Adam’s apple rolling and his breath getting heavier and heavier. Si Zhen was at a loss as to what to do for a moment. His hand was not blocked, nor was it blocked. Finally, he loosened his hand and covered his eyes. However, with his eyes closed, the feeling was even more profound, and Si Zhen felt that he was almost broken by his fingers. She couldn’t stand it any more, so she looked up to grab the hand that was driving her crazy, only to see his eyes staring straight at her, clearly observing her expression. Si Zhen is going crazy. Most of the time, he gives her the feeling of a child, do not know how to express, do not know how to euphemize, want things to firmly grasp in the palm of the hand. His dependence on her was actually beyond her imagination, and she really didn’t expect that just a brief loss of contact would make him so anxious. Like a child who is afraid of being abandoned, sensitive and nervous. In fact, in retrospect, everything seems to be traceable. Two hours later, the rain stopped. Si Zhen curled up and didn’t want to move a finger. Josh fell over at her side, and his sweaty chest hugged her. As if dissatisfied, he kissed her white shoulder and stroked her greasy back with his palm. Si Zhen wanted to cry without tears and pulled down the hand he was playing with in his chest: “I really don’t want to do it..” Josh paused, as if he had gone through some ideological struggle, and finally gave a compromise “hmm”. 3939 minutes She knew that Josh was a neat freak, and she had to take a shower immediately after finishing it. She used to help him get it out with her hands, and he had to wash it again. However, she really had no strength and wanted to rest for a while before leaving, so she left him alone and closed her eyes to recuperate. Perhaps her condition is too bad, the naked eye can see the weakness, Josh did not abandon her as yesterday, and picked her up horizontally. Si Zhen reflexively opened his eyes and thought he was coming again, but he was carried into the bathroom. She could hardly stand, holding on to his arm. Hot water washed their bodies, her face was wet, but she began to wipe it off with her hands, and when she opened her eyes, she was kissed by him in the mist of the room. Although the first taste of love. She suffered a lot from the man’s lack of restraint. This warm love makes Si Zhen’s heart sweet. She had never seen him look at any other woman with eyes other than cold, and she hoped that these eyes would always be hot only because of her. I don’t have to rush to school on Saturday, so I can go out later than usual. Berkeley actually opened at nine o’clock, and after being with Josh, Si Zhen realized that Lu Yi had “ulterior motives” to let her go early. Josh is a real workaholic. He almost never rests on weekends. When he wakes up this morning, he seldom feels lazy. When it’s time to get up at ordinary times, he wakes up but does not move. He closes his eyes and basks in the sunny sunshine after the rain. Si Zhen was going to get up and prepare breakfast, and he pulled the man into his arms around his waist. Early in the morning,316 stainless steel plate, the place was full of vigor and vitality, just against her, and there was no other movement. She turned and touched his blue chin. “Aren’t you hungry?” It takes so much effort at night. Josh just buried his head in her hair and sucked the sweet smell of her body.

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