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Ye Chang narrowed his eyes and reached out to open the brocade box. There was only a piece of paper in it. He opened the paper, took a look at it, and sneered, “Xu Yunchu can see clearly. Knowing the time will not block my way.” “Hm?” The statement immediately asked, “is what Xu Yunchu threw in?”? Show it to me. Ye Chang gave the note to the statement. The statement took the note, took a look, and said, “This is Xu Yunchu’s handwriting, yes.” The words fall, he laughed, “you said earlier that the queen mother and Guozhang mansion must try to stop you from investigating the case, now what does this Xu Yunchu mean?”? Are you helping you? Ye Chang picked up his chopsticks to eat again. “So I said he was a sensible man. The emperor gave me all the light military guards. The Ministry of Punishment and the Dali Temple assisted me in the thorough investigation. My cousin, on behalf of the Ye family, personally sent the person involved in the sinking of the East Lake boat. He went to Beijing with Miss Su Fu, and Su Fu was involved by the way. If Su Fu was involved, Wang Fu would be involved.”. These people are now standing in my position. If there is some evidence on the surface to stop, is it not to harm Guozhang’s house in injustice? Xu Yunchu is not stupid and knows how to make a profit. The statement nodded, “Xu Yunchu has never been a fool.” Ye Chang added, “You just sent someone to send a message to Xu Yunchu this morning, but he didn’t wait for the messenger to bring the message. He took something back to Beijing early in the morning. Obviously, he knew what happened in the capital yesterday.” When the words fell, he laughed. “The queen mother must have known that he was coming to Rong An’s palace and sent someone to intercept him into the palace. He didn’t show his face and secretly threw things in.”. The more the queen mother lives,electronic board for classroom, the more she goes back. The statement curled her lips, “the queen mother that old woman, now should be called the old silly woman is.” Ye Chang couldn’t help laughing and shouted to the outside, “Qianhan.” “Prince.” Qian Han answered and came in. Ye Chang handed him the note, “according to this address, go and take over the things that Xu Yunchu brought into the suburbs of Beijing.” He added, “Don’t go by yourself. Go to the Ministry of Punishment and the Dali Temple and call a few people to be with you.” “Yes.” Qian Han took the note, took a look,touch screen whiteboard, and turned away. Xu Yunchu and Xu Lingyi entered the palace gate and came to the Empress Dowager’s Ci’an Palace. The Empress Dowager was waiting for them. The old Mammy invited them in. They gave them a gift to the empress Dowager. The empress Dowager looked at them with a bad face and said stiffly, “No courtesy.” Xu Lingyi took a look at Xu Yunchu and saw that his face was ordinary and there was no trace of nervousness, so he tried to calm down. The Empress Dowager sat in front of Xu Yunchu and looked at him and asked, “Yunchu, after you go to the capital, you don’t go back to your mansion, you don’t come to the palace to see me, and you go straight to Rong An’s mansion. What’s your intention?”? Do you want to help Ye Chang investigate the case? Xu Yunchu shook his head, “just give the things found in Lingyun Temple to Ye Shizi to transfer.” The Empress Dowager snorted coldly and said angrily, “The emperor originally handed over the sinking case of the East Lake Boat to the King of Jin, and the prince handed over the assassination case of Master Lingyun to you in Lingyun Temple.”. But the emperor is good, did not wait for you to find out why, then such two big cases are directly transferred to Ye Chang. Do you know what the emperor’s plan is? Xu Yunchu said peacefully, “The emperor wants to support Rong An Wang Fu and make Ye Chang set foot in the court.” The queen mother looked at him, “now that you understand, 86 smart board ,interactive boards for classrooms, you should know that if Ye Chang’s two big cases are done, then, from now on, the imperial clan’s back will be hard.”. He is the centripetal force of the imperial clan. Once he and the imperial clan gained power, the emperor would naturally gain power, and the Guozhang Mansion would lose power and become the meat on their boards. He wished he could chop the Guozhang Mansion. Xu Yunchu was silent. The Empress Dowager looked ugly. “You are the most promising lineal descendant of Guozhang Mansion. The family of Guozhang Mansion will be handed over to you in the future.”. If Guozhang Mansion is destroyed, how can you stand in the future? Have you ever thought about it? How could you think of such a foolish act as voluntarily giving things to Ye Chang? Xu Yunchu sighed and said to the Empress Dowager, “The emperor gave Ye Shizi a light military guard and ordered the Ministry of Punishment and the Dali Temple to cooperate with him in investigating the case. Last night, Ye Xi, the legitimate son of the Ye family, a prominent family in the south of the Yangtze River, and Miss Su Fu found the missing person involved in the sinking of the East Lake Boat and went to Beijing.”. This shows that since then, the Ye family will no longer ignore Ye Shizi. Ye Xi and Miss Su Fu are brothers and sisters of the same school. Su Fu muscle involved, the palace will be involved, Lord Wang will also help Ye Shizi. Nowadays, the civil and military of the Manchu Dynasty, in addition to the people attached to Guozhang Mansion, the neutral Qingliu in the court are also faintly inclined to Ye Shizi to find out the case. In this way, Ye Shizi investigated the case, which was popular. If our Guozhang government does not help Ye Shizi to investigate the case, but obstructs it, I am afraid that the city people think that you and Guozhang government are behind these two big cases. The world is full of people. At that time, the reputation of Guozhang Mansion will suffer a disastrous decline. Once all the people are full of gold, how can Guozhang Mansion have a foothold? When the queen mother heard this, she choked and said angrily, “The emperor actually gave Qingwu Wei to Ye Chang. It’s really unexpected. For so many years, even if the imperial concubine favored the prince, he also protected the prince, but he didn’t give Qingwu Wei.”. The emperor is really good now. He values Ye Chang even more than he values the prince. He is determined to dig out the Ai family and the Guozhang mansion. Xu Yunchu is silent. The queen mother said angrily, “How could Ye Xi and Su Fengnuan be brothers and sisters of the same school?”? I heard about it yesterday. What’s going on? Xu Yunchu said, “After returning to Beijing today, my sister and I met Ye Gongzi in Mobao Pavilion.”. According to him, many years ago, by chance, he traveled abroad and worshipped a master with Miss Su Fu, who was indeed a brother and sister of the same school. But for many years, no one in the Ye family came to Beijing, far away from the capital, no one paid attention to the news of the Ye family, and the Su family came to Beijing not long ago, so they never heard of it. The queen mother’s face was cold again. “This Su Fengnuan, I didn’t expect a wild girl to have a brother-sister relationship with the legitimate son of the Ye family.” The words fall, ask again, “now that you have seen Ye Xi, how does he behave?”? But the kind of person who has the same style as Su Fengnuan? Xu Yunchu wanted to think, conservative tunnel, “I have never seen Miss Su Fu, I do not know what style Miss Su Fu is,classroom interactive whiteboard, do not say.”. But Ye Gongzi is worthy of being born in the Ye family, a prominent family in the south of the Yangtze River. He is full of family background and nobility. He doesn’t look like a fool. The queen mother frowned. “Since there is such a difference, how could they worship a master?” 。

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