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Ever since I locked Mr. Jiang in the main hall, their eyes have always met. He looked at me, and I looked at him with enough hostility. The fact that they didn’t dodge each other’s eyes made each other’s teeth itch. His stomach, my stomach is clear, when he entered the door, two shoes on the mud can make a sound, what is the difference with wearing iron shoes! As a matter of fact, I had already woken up before he unlocked the lock, and I could have sat down at the desk in a spirit of excitement and made a gesture of learning. But if I didn’t want to be angry with him, unless I was his husband, or if I was afraid of him, I would have to sleep soundly and let him wake me up. I just wanted him to have an attack and drive me away. He was good for me, but I didn’t want to make up lessons. I covered my lower abdomen with my hands and claimed that I had a stomachache. I was not old enough to be angry with him openly. The only thing that could explain was that my lying skills were not good enough. Jiang has the ability to cover the earth with a pea. With ulterior motives, he asked me whether my stomach was sour or alkaline, how long my medical history was, what medicine I usually took, and whether I had tarry stool. I did not roll my eyes during the gastroscopy. In this way, I had to say that my stomach was no longer painful, and you were my stomach medicine. Jiang walked up and down in Zhang Chang’s hut, and the stove made a sound that it had fallen asleep. Jiang’s shadow also walked around, suggesting that I was not the way to sit. It’s not that I can’t do exercises. Do I have to do exercises if I can? The circus dog was doing the exercises shamelessly. Life is limited,touch screen kiosk, doing exercises is infinite, how to liberate the limited life from the infinite exercises is the most urgent and necessary. Jiang said that my stomach was a towel gourd, but I thought it was more like a towel gourd, with old tendons and old collaterals. So I said that my grandmother had died, and that someone had sent a message from the mountain today. I was so sad that I had to hold back my tears. Grandma Jiang became more and more reserved when he was suspicious. He even said in a testifying tone, “Your grandma alone has died three times this week. Your grandfather is capable enough!” “It’s Fu’er’s grandmother, my landlord.” I also said that I hoped to have time to let her live, I would die,information kiosk price, she would help me with math, and come to you to make up lessons. Jiang sat on the edge of the bed, pressing his hands on his legs. His hands were very heavy. Even I could see that he was restraining himself: “Your grandmother Fu’er is dead and alive in the composition. She is saving mules for a while, protecting granaries for a while, or fighting mountain torrents. Not to mention whether your grandmother Fu’er’s feet will swim, not to mention the highest elevation of your village in the whole county, how to climb the flood?” Not to mention the drought for three consecutive years, the Sanggan River is about to turn upside down. I want to ask you whether you have a Fu’er grandma or X + y Fu’er grandma? Only the clock is ticking. Besides, is it a clock that doesn’t tick? Mr. Jiang first talked about Chinese mathematics, the Pythagorean theorem, Liu Hui’s circle-cutting technique, Yang Hui’s triangle, Zu Chongzhi’s density-rate and reduction-rate, the Chinese remainder theorem, Qin Jiushao and Zhu Shijie’s Tianyuan technique and Siyuan technique, temperature scanning kiosks ,facial recognition thermometer, then about analytic geometry and Descartes’story of never doing morning exercises and staying in bed, as well as Newton’s invention of calculus, and finally warned me: Inevitably, there will be a lack of a fine mathematical temperament, which covers the tangible and qualitative aspects of all things, all of which are due to degrees. Moreover, even when Kangxi invited Bai Jin, a Frenchman, to study geometry, Cixi was able to issue a call that “learning mathematics and astronomy is a top priority.” Li Dazhao especially put forward: Learning is the admonition of the world’s public instruments. Now I teach sincerely, why can’t you learn honestly? Before that, the Jiang family had the name of “octagonal building lighting”, “number crazy” and “dull”. Legend has it that Jiang wants to measure the radius of a fart and blow his nose to generate electricity. Calculating me naturally becomes his entertainment and his nightlife. Mr. Jiang reminded me: “You go to bed before, do the problem after, as one plus two, two plus one, now I want you to do a problem of an old maid and a cat first, and then do a problem of who and who are husband and wife..” I said to Mr. Jiang, “I’m sleepy and hungry.” “What I asked you to do were all famous and interesting questions from three hundred years ago.” Jiang said with his back to him. I said, “I’m hungry and sleepy.” Teacher Jiang also said: “It is lucky to be able to do famous and interesting questions back to three hundred years ago.”. “I said,” Fortunately, the pig and … ” At this point, the word “you” almost blurted out, thanks to a severe stomachache. On weekdays, I have the ability to command the wind and rain for pain. Apart from the breath and saliva that I carry with me, I can make it hurt wherever I want. At the end of the day, if I don’t really cry a few times, it’s really uncomfortable. Especially when I study mathematics, when I see Arabic letters, I hate them more than maggots. If I don’t find some pain on my body, I won’t be Mr. Jiang’s accomplice? But now, I didn’t want to feel pain, but I felt my stomach was ridiculous and treacherous. It seemed that there was a large bundle of sheep grass lying in it. Cold sweat slid down the ridge groove. My body could not stop shaking. I was as soft and warm as the sheep that had just been slaughtered and skinned. “I promise to do the spinster and the cat problem before I become a spinster,” I said with a sticky mouth. “As for the Dutch problem of who and who are husband and wife, it’s called Henry, Eli and Cornelis.. It’s called Gat and Luther and Kesselring and Anna. It’s almost dawn after reciting the names of men and women. I can’t sleep. Can I go back and make it? Besides, give me a little time to look up at the stars. Jiang tilted his head to express doubts, and I said, “It’s looking up at the orangutan in the zoo, in a dream, in a dream of bean sprouts.” Teacher Jiang hesitated for a moment and asked me why I had a sweat on my forehead. I said I was thinking about the problem. Okay, cut you some slack, go back and think about three Dutch people buying pigs with their wives, and the rest of the time-I mean, since you have insomnia, you might as well recite the square number from 1 to 100, which is a good medicine for insomnia. When he went out,smart interactive whiteboard, Jiang’s body was tall and tilted to the right under the light and shadow. He was bent and his shadow covered my shadow. He stood behind me and couldn’t wait to close the door. The moment he rushed into the hut with joy from the cold wind, Jiang sneezed. Although the back of my head was covered with Jiang’s spittle, my right lower abdomen was painful and my feet were as soft as clouds. So I breathed a sigh of relief. Turn a face to ask him: “Who is husband and wife with who this problem must be done?” 。

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