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Chai Feng’s flying skill was poor. First of all, he didn’t dare to move forward. He frowned and said, “Ladle handle, you can’t go any further. If you get lost later, it will be troublesome!” Just say this, that Hua Qiushui mouth “Ah” a way: “You look, they two are dead as expected. As soon as the spirit of the firewood wind vibrated, a line of sky light came down from the covered branches, and this line of brilliance clearly shone on the two men who had fallen to the ground. The two of them took a few quick steps forward and looked at it carefully again. The firewood wind first laughed and said, “It’s really them!” Hua Qiushui swept him with his sharp eyes. Chai Feng understood and immediately changed his tune and said, “Ah!”! Let’s go and have a look! Hua Qiushui first spread out his posture and threw himself in front of them as soon as possible. He shouted, “Old-timer!” Chai Feng also called out, “Master Pu!” The two of them seemed to be performing a double act, but the two men on the ground were motionless. Hua Qiushui quickly squatted down and tried their pulse with his hand. He was immediately pleased and said, “I’m really dead!” Chai Feng also listened to Pu Tianhe and laughed loudly: “Damn, this boy is not fierce!”! Ladle handle, let’s find something. Who’s it on? Hua Qiushui sneered and said, “Not now. We have to carry them out. It’s too dark to see.” As soon as Chai Feng heard this, he immediately agreed. He carried Pu Tianhe on his back and said, “Drink!”! This boy is so heavy that his body is hard! Hua Qiushui looked down at the wooden ruler, but saw that the old man’s eyes were wide open and seemed to be staring at him. Although Hua Qiushui thought he was dead, he looked so scary! He stretch out his hand to close his eyes, but he close them and opened them several times,smart interactive whiteboard, and finally he had to pick him up, only to feel that that wooden ruler was not only stiff, but also cold. Hua Qiushui smiled coldly and said, “Old man Mu, old man Mu, you also regard me, too Hua Qiushui, as the head of longevity. You’re asking for your own death. You can’t blame me!” The two men laughed as they walked,face detection android, and they were very proud! Wait until the two of them come out of the forest. The red sun had already jumped out of the east, and the earth was bright. Hua and Chai put down their stiff bodies. As soon as Chai Feng looked at their faces, he immediately laughed wildly and said, “Damn, your faces are all black. It’s all right. This is a miasma!” Hua Qiushui looked at the two of them carefully again before he concluded that they were really dead. At that time, he said with a sneer, “Second Brother Chai, you dig a hole first and bury them later.” Chai Feng laughed and said, “What are you going to bury? Just throw it into the woods.” Hua Qiushui thought for a moment, nodded and said, “All right!” Then he began to touch the wooden ruler. Sure enough, he found a key made of green jade. Hua Qiushui looked at it and said with a wild laugh, “This is the’green jade spoon ‘.”. Ha, I’m rich! Just as Chai Feng was about to start looting Pu Tianhe, he jumped to his feet and immediately ran over. “Ladle handle,” he said with a laugh, temperature screening kiosk ,temperature check kiosk, “we’re rich!” As soon as the voice fell, Hua Qiushui suddenly moved in his heart. He was a secretive and cunning man. He was well-intentioned and managed to get the green jade spoon. Seeing the wealth in sight, how could he allow the second person to share it with him. Chai Feng’s ordinary words touched his murder for a moment. At that time, Hei Hei said with a smile, “No outsiders know about this. You can’t leak it out, second brother Chai!” Chai Feng was stunned for a moment. “Are you still worried about me?” He asked. At this point, he grinned and said, “As soon as you get it, you’ll eat the meat and I’ll drink the soup.” At this point, Hua Qiushui smiled sullenly and said, “Second brother, you’re too polite. Why should you and my brother do that? We’ll add two and one to make five, and each of us will have half. What do you think?” Chai Feng was so greedy that he didn’t understand the meaning of Hua Qiushui’s words. “Is what you said true?” He said with a smile. “Of course it’s true,” said Hua Qiushui with a smile. Chai Feng stepped forward and said with a laugh, “Elder brother, thank you in advance.” Then he bowed deeply, but before he raised his head, there was already a great force pressing down on his head. Chai Feng’s body suddenly slanted, and a pair of palms brushed past his neck. Chai Feng was taken aback. His face changed and he said, “Ladle handle..” Hua Qiushui sneered, “Chai Feng, you’re asking for your own death. You know too much!” Then he took a step forward. Chai Feng shivered and said, “Ladle handle, you can’t do this to me. The brothers won’t let you go..” Hua Qiushui laughed wildly and said, “Are you dreaming, brothers?”? Ha-ha White-faced prison firewood wind at this moment to recognize this Hua Qiushui is such a person, is really regret, he was pale tunnel: “ladle handle..” You mustn’t do anything to me, the money. I don’t want it. How about you keep it all? Hua Qiushui was approaching him step by step, and the opportunity to kill him suddenly appeared on his face. When he heard this, he laughed wildly and said, “It was originally for me. Is it still for you?” Chai Feng suddenly turned around and ran away. Hua Qiushui caught up and said, “Where to go?” With a shake of his right hand, he hit a golden dart the size of his thumb. The golden dart was originally deflected, but as soon as Chai Fengfu turned around, the dart suddenly squeezed into the middle. He heard a sound of “attack”, which hit Chai Feng’s chest. Chai Feng said “ah” in his mouth. He stumbled and leaned over and pulled out a pair of daggers from his knees. Hua Qiushui rushed over like the wind, and Chai Feng roared: “I’ll fight with you!” His body suddenly rushed over, a pair of daggers up and down, straight to the front of Hua Qiushui body down, but how Hua Qiushui would see him in the eyes. See his double wrist one minute, “Ding Dang” two, already hit the dagger in Chai Feng’s hand to the ground. White-faced prison body fell forward, but Hua Qiushui at this time, right palm outward, only to hear a “bang”, a palm printed on the heart of Chai Feng, Chai Feng let out a scream, spurted a mouthful of blood, and then fell to the ground dead. After Hua Qiushuizhang killed Bai Di, he was slightly stunned,digital signage screen, although his heart was also a little sad, but when he thought of the wealth he was about to get, he could not help but immediately dispel the sadness in front of him.

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