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Then she hung her head and took out the checks from her bag and put them on the table and slowly pushed them towards the man. She said in a slightly apologetic voice, “I’m sorry. I used to be young, willful and ignorant. I gave you a lot of trouble. This money is my compensation for you. You can take it to calm down.” 、015 Tao Youming looked at the woman inexplicably, hurriedly stuffed the ice cream in his hand directly into the fruit plate on the table, and then reached for a few checks on the table and looked at them. Su Su raised his eyes and looked at the man’s expression. His long eyebrows were slightly twisted, the corner of his thin lips was stained with a little white cream, and his eyes were as deep as gems, and his delicate facial features were deep, which added to his coquettish. Looks evil but does not lose the heroic spirit, eighteen years old girl is generally very easy to have a good impression on this kind of man, the original owner is very fond of him. Tao Youming twirled the check with his fingertips and pointed at himself in surprise and asked the woman sitting opposite, “This check is for me?” Su Su nodded, “it’s your compensation.” Tao Youming chuckled. He put his hands on the table and slowly pressed his body to look at her. “You tore up the engagement and gave me 50 million to compensate me. What did you want to tell me?” Su Su watched him bend over, the collar of his loose pajamas slightly open, and from her present angle, she could still see the spring in his chest. She looked away slightly and said bluntly, “I used to bring all kinds of troubles to your life because of my immaturity. I’ve figured it out these days. Embarrassing others is also embarrassing myself. So I decided to break off the engagement. I won’t bother you anymore.” Tao Youming finally understood what the woman was talking about. It turned out that what she said yesterday was to break off the engagement and then give him some money to compensate him. Yes,Inflatable outdoor park, he was broken up, and he was compensated! Her sudden operation made Tao Youming have a feeling that when he took off his pants and was about to do something about men and women, he suddenly found that he had no penis. Tao Youming felt that all the checks in his hand were prickly. He breathed a sigh of relief and his eyes were like ice. “Just 50 million?” He asked coldly. His awe-inspiring tone, with obvious dissatisfaction, and his gloomy face, with a wintry chill,inflatable castle with slide, made Su Su suddenly nervous. Isn’t 50 million enough? “Just 50 million.” Su Su raised his eyes and gritted his teeth. No matter how rich the Su family was, it was not because of the strong wind, not to mention that the Tao family was also very rich. Tao Youming stepped around and walked to her side. He looked directly at her and said, “The man you tried so hard to get engaged to was only worth 50 million yuan in your eyes.” “Tao Jiasanshao is worth hundreds of millions of yuan anyway.” He sneered again. Women nowadays are too fickle. A few days ago, they said they would live for you and die for you. Today is goodbye. Sorry, it’s harder to think about than the weather. Su Suwen unconsciously shrugged his shoulders, he is worth hundreds of millions of yuan is good, but the break-up fee is not so much, right? When wanting to open a mouth to refute, the man says again: “Who is to say I am the love of your this lifetime at the outset, say you are not I do not marry, change a hand now you threw to break up cost?” “Is your love for me so cheap?” Tao Youming took a step in front of her. Su Su looked at him and took a few steps back. She took a slight breath and said slowly, inflatable water slide ,Inflatable meltdown, “I used to be young and ignorant. I didn’t know what love was. If I said something stupid, please don’t take it to heart.” Tao Youming sneered and forced her into the sofa step by step. “So you have to break off the marriage now?” Behind is the sofa, Su Su can not retreat, she stretched out her hand to block the man close to the body, nodded: “You are a very good man, you should belong to a better woman.” Tao Youming sneered and gritted his teeth and asked, “I am such a good man. Why don’t you continue to like me?” Su Su raised his eyes and said bluntly, “San Shao, I don’t like you anymore. I think we are more suitable to be friends now.” The words fell and the atmosphere solidified in an instant. Tao Youming’s sharp eyes stared straight at the woman, her skin was covered with snow, her white cheeks were clear and her eyes were quiet, and he could not see her mood when she said this. But the phrase “I don’t like you anymore” made him particularly angry. His lips were slightly cold, he stretched out his hand and gently pushed the woman on the shoulder, and the woman fell directly into the sofa. He bent down and pressed her hand directly, controlling her in an instant. “Then I’ll see if you really don’t like me.” The man’s hard chest pressed down, and Su’s thoughts broke for a few seconds. She stared slightly, knowing what the man wanted to open, and when he wanted to open his mouth and shout, his lips came up. The man’s inch-by-inch strategy is warm and moist between the lips and teeth. Su Su kept looking for a chance to struggle and breathe, but her little action, for a man, is like a kitten scratching, hooking people without knowing it. The man accentuated his kiss. Her lips were soft, and their fragrance lingered in her mouth, like nectar, sweet and refreshing. He was greedy and unbridled. Su Su’s brain buzzed, and she wanted to refuse, but her mouth hummed unconsciously. Hearing that hum, Tao Youming opened his eyes and looked at her. At the bottom of his dark eyes, the misty rain seemed to be able to draw out a picture of the scenery in the south of the Yangtze River in April. While the man was in a daze, Su Su opened his mouth to bite the tip of his tongue. The man reacted quickly. He raised his body directly with both hands and pulled them apart. Then he looked down at the woman under him. Her face was flushed, her lips were kissed with water, and there was mist in her eyes. Tao Youming raised a smile on his lips, and his tone was bohemian. “I still say that. You say no, but your body is always honest.” Su Su suddenly stood up from the sofa and looked at him angrily with a red face and clenched teeth. “It’s just a normal physiological reaction, just like you men have nothing to do.” She didn’t have the nerve to say the word’hard ‘. Just what? Tao Youming stepped forward slowly and did not intend to let her go. Su Su looked away and her voice was slightly confused. “This has nothing to do with the divorce we are talking about now.” Tao Youming looked at her blushing, leaned his face over, raised his eyebrows and asked with a smile,Inflatable dry slide, “Do you want to break off the engagement?” Su Su nods, tone is affirmative: “Be, I had torn betrothal book.” 。

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