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The next day, Ashes hugged Chunsheng, who was soft as spring water, and asked the same question again. Chunsheng thought about it and answered like a swallow. Isis heart sneer, magnanimous, yes, which new husband can do so, in the eyes of people who do not know, in addition to praise what else can there be? As an aside: I usually write in the company, because the time to use the computer at home is very limited, so during the May Day update at most once a day, probably at noon or afternoon or evening, please forgive me! I’m sorry to give you 4 days of food today. Chapter 35 On the evening of the third day, Isis took Jin Chuan to the residence of Nephrite Wenxiang. Nephrite Wenxiang almost ten days did not see Isis, thought to wait until Lin Weiyang at least ten days, plus two in the house of Isis, they can see the day of Isis at least five days to wait, unexpectedly, the young master of the Lin family has such a broad mind, there is no idea that men are now fighting for favor, not only the two serious attendants in the house are concerned about him. Even if they were born in a brothel, he did not pull down. Although it is not necessarily a means to retreat in order to advance, people can do what they want. Who has this kind of courage? Two people in the heart both admire and fear, there is such a person, they can monopolize Isis? Knowing that Isis was coming, they dressed up specially, all kinds of hairpins were matched harmoniously, elaborate makeup was fashionable and popular,Pietra Gray Marble, red and floor-length gauze skirts, golden piping, less than three inches of feet wearing thin red embroidered shoes, more and more lotus feet like hooks, one side of a boy carefully supported, trembling, weak clothes. Slave Nephrite Warm Fragrance See Master. “Get up, get up.” Isis pulled them up one by one. I haven’t seen them for a few days. It’s strange to miss them, except for a few times. Shangguan Coral said that outside the matter, the service is very attentive,Calacatta Nano Glass, not only in bed to make her happy, the usual game play, but also how popular how to play, so that Ashes hard day’s body and mind can always be completely relaxed; Although she could not read, when she wrote articles, her eyes were full of admiration and envy, and she was eager to lay paper and grind ink, which often made Ashes love and pity her. Sometimes she taught them to read a few words, and the two of them scrambled to learn. Every time Ashes came, they would hand in a thick stack of paper, which was full of crooked words, and they had written three or four red copybooks. There is no denying that the warm fragrance of nephrite has the meaning of flattering her, and the desire in their eyes when she teaches them to read is also real. Sometimes Isis thought that if they were not on the side of Shangguan Coral, she would treat them sincerely and they deserved it, unfortunately, unfortunately. Wait for Isis to sit down. “Master, this is the word Nephrite practiced.” The nephrite holds the rice paper to offer the treasure. Nephrite personality is more stable, perhaps because of the relationship between the elder brother. Master, master, Grey Marble Slab ,pietra gray marble, this is the word Wen Xiang practiced! Not to be outdone, Wen Xiang offered a thick stack. Wen Xiang and nephrite have a very good relationship. When they are inconsistent with each other, they always compete with nephrite. Nephrite does not show any trace of modesty to him every time. Isis took it over and looked at it. Both of them practiced very carefully. It could be seen that they had done their best to write, although it was not good-looking. After a period of drawing red, two people’s words have been greatly improved, horizontal is horizontal, vertical is vertical, no longer like a caterpillar, “very good, very good, you write very well, learn a few words today.” The boys brought pens and paper, the nephrite spread the paper and grinded the ink with warm fragrance, the nephrite evenly dipped the brush with ink and solemnly offered it with both hands, they were delighted with the delicate fragrance, and Isis suddenly had a kind of charming feeling of “reading at night with fragrant tea sleeves”. She wrote down a few common words and taught them how to write by hand. When they learned to read and write like the devil, she felt hungry. After the food and wine were served, the two of them poured the wine and picked up the food, and the three of them played the finger-guessing game. They called on a few boys who could sing and dance to play and sing, and they went to bed in the middle of the night. It went without saying that the red waves were turned over in the Xiangluo tent, and the Mandarin ducks crossed their necks. On the fourth night, when he returned to Danzhu Garden, Lin Weiyang saw Isis coming. His eyes flashed with a touch of boredom and disgust. It was so fast that people could hardly see it. Isis was born to practice martial arts, but she saw it clearly and pretended not to notice it. After Xiao Tian and Xiao Kong closed the door and retired, Lin Weiyang waited impatiently for Isis to take off his clothes, but without looking, she took off her clothes and went to bed, clinging to the wall, leaving most of the bed for Lin Weiyang. Lin Weiyang was tongue-tied, not knowing how to react, whether to cheer and escape or to worry that Isis’s neglect would bring endless trouble to his life in Ai Fu. Thought to go to Lin Weiyang or decided to test, after all, he will be here for two years, too early to be left out is not his original intention, spread out the prime minister’s house also lost face. He untied the ribbon of his nightdress, revealing his sensual body, put his arms around her waist, exhaled on her back, and deliberately teased her: “Silk Lord, don’t you want to tonight?” As he spoke, he rubbed his body lightly. She was baffled by him. He was the one who didn’t want to have sex at first, and now he was the one who seduced her. What did he want to do? She was not a person without a wink. What he had done had told her clearly and clearly that he did not like her, that he hated her, and that she had decided not to touch him before he did not like her. What did he mean by pestering her again? His flirtation was so effective that she used almost all the tricks she had taught him the other day. She felt very much, but she would not touch him unless he really wanted to accept her. So she quickly turned around, not surprised to see Lin Weiyang eyes too late to hide the patience and unhappiness. So, what exactly is he trying to tease her for? As soon as her eyes fell, they fell on the high desire of Lin Weiyang’s crotch. After all, men are more likely to be emotional. Even if they don’t like or even hate it, once they are interested, they will only pursue pleasure. In particular, Isis is always very considerate to Lin Weiyang. Lin Weiyang, who has not had sex for three days, wants to seduce Isis, but unexpectedly his body remembers all kinds of love from Isis, and his body is burning for a long time. Isis understood that it was her body that wanted to vent, but it was not good or would not come by itself, so even if she hated it, she would come to her. What a wayward little childe, is she a sex toy? Think oneself sleep to ignore him, discover his eye is misty again,Silver Travertine Slabs, be about to cry like the next second, the heart is soft, calculate is she cheap still no good.

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