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“Sir Yalin, I think we should have a good talk.” Li Yalin and Athena had not finished speaking, but the firewood boat suddenly came to Li Yalin, and his face was ugly. “Talk?”? What does senior Kusanagi want to talk to me about? Li Yalin looked up at the firewood boat, it seems that he and the old man should not have any intersection, right? Have you forgotten, sir? It seems that you still owe something to my Kusanagi family and haven’t returned it. “Seeing how forgetful Li Yalin is, a few blue veins burst out on the forehead of Kusanagi Chai Zhou. What do you think of Li Yalin’s meaning? Is he preparing to repudiate the debt?” “The things of the Kusanagi family?” Li Yalin was stunned, but then he remembered that it seemed to be true. “The original Kusanagi senior said is the grass pheasant sword moxa, but I have returned to the Kusanagi family oh,” Li Yalin did suddenly understand, but then his face is showing an innocent expression. “Back to the Kusanagi family?”? When did you return it? Kusanagi’s eyes widened to see those who lied with their eyes open, but it was the first time he had seen such a shameless man as Li Yalin. “Now the grass pheasant sword is in Aoi’s hand. What is it if it’s not returned to the grass family?”? If the elder Kusanagi needs the Grass Pheasant Sword, just ask Aoi for it. “Li Yalin spread out his hands and said that the Grass Pheasant Sword was indeed returned to the Kusanagi family, which everyone can prove.” “You..” If Li Yalin hadn’t helped him get the position of head of the family, he wouldn’t have lent the sword to Li Yalin, and now Li Yalin is obviously not willing to return it! Of course, he knew that the sword was in the hands of Kusanagi. At the beginning, he had gone to the home of the God of music and asked about it face to face. But the answer of the God of music was that the sword had been handed over to Kusanagi and put away. If the owner of Kusanagi needed it, he could communicate with him in private to solve it. After all, this was an internal matter of the Kusanaga family, and it was not appropriate for the home of music to ask. A good God musician is not appropriate to ask, the grass firewood boat is to see through, people this is a change of law do not want to return the grass pheasant sword wormwood sunflower with their own do not deal with this everyone knows, the grass pheasant sword in the hands of sunflower, if she is willing to also have a ghost! OK! Now that you’re playing dirty, don’t blame me for robbing you! At that moment, Kusanagi made up his mind to recapture the grass pheasant sword from Kusanagi’s hands even if he was a little mean. Unfortunately,Small Geared Motors, Kusanagi made a wrong move. He had no idea that Li Yalin had inspired the power of the grass pheasant sword and inspired the blood of the family in Kusangia’s body. He secretly attacked Kusangia? Don’t you look at the power of grass sunflower? Really ate a record of no style, the grass wood boat is completely no move, soft win is not good, this can only find Li Yalin to solve no way who called the original artifact is lent to Li Yalin, but now Li Yalin unexpectedly also played a rogue grass wood boat is dumb to eat Coptis, there is suffering can not say that moxa is too suffocating “If the elder Kusanagi has nothing to do, then I will leave first. After all, I am also very busy.” Li Yalin is in a bad mood now. How can he take care of the firewood boat of Kusanagi? Although he doesn’t like the grass pheasant sword, it’s really good in the hands of Aoi. Let Aoi use it first. Kusanagi was completely speechless, but Li Yalin turned around and left in a natural and unrestrained way without saying goodbye. He could only say that you were unlucky to bump into us. Who told you not to be more careful at the beginning? Regarding Li Yalin this kind of robber method, Kusanagi Chai Zhou in the heart secretly hates, but actually has no alternative, now this kind of situation, even if said breaks the sky to go all is he does not have the reason, Planetary Gear Motor ,Parallel Shaft Gearbox, also is, in all people’s eyes, the grass pheasant sword has indeed returned Kusanagi family, unless Kusanagi Chai Zhou expels Kusanghu sunflower from Kusanghu family, but now only then banishes, also has enough time? What’s more, this matter is absolutely not open, when the grass boat privately took out the grass pheasant sword, has violated the rules of the ancestors, now his prestige in the family is not high, can not withstand any twists and turns. The most important thing, also let the grass wood boat never thought of, that is, the grass sunflower should be able to use the magic skill of the grass home without style, you know, even if you can’t use it, once known by the members of the grass home, then there is a great possibility that his position as the head of the family will be dismissed, the grass sunflower will become the first female head of the How could Kusanagi let this happen! It was because he knew the idea of the Kusanagi family that Li Yalin was even more fearless. Originally, he didn’t have a good impression on the Kusanagi family. Now it’s good to be able to disgust the family. This dumb man lost him. He just saw the other side’s nirvana, which finally made Li Yalin feel better. Uh-huh, the family was really a good punching bag. ……………… I said, mark, why are you here for the kfo contest? And what about Talma? Why didn’t you see that guy? Not far away, Li Yalin bumped into three members of the Metal Slug team. Needless to say, they were all old friends. It was inevitable to say hello. Most importantly, Li Yalin also wanted to know the purpose of these three people coming to participate in the KOF competition. “Don’t mention it, this is the task secretly assigned by General Hadilun, which stipulates that we must participate in the KOF competition. One is to give the regular army a strong momentum. If we can win a few more victories, we may be able to change the negative view of the regular army. I heard that some people will make trouble in the kfo competition, and we will participate.” Mark sighed. He really didn’t want to participate in the KOF contest. He knew all the killing skills and fighting skills, but he couldn’t kill people in the KOF contest. His skills were basically useless. “So that’s it, but I said, Mark, your fighting skills..” Is it really all right? Li Yalin nodded clearly, but think about Mark’s fighting skills, it seems that besides Talma, he is the worst, so can you really guarantee clearance? Not to mention, but in the four-man team of Metal Slug, Mark and Talma, the two men’s fighting skills were actually at the bottom, but the two women were particularly powerful, steadily suppressing Mark and Talma. Miles are good at assassination, fighting skills and so on, while Fio is a military family,24v Dc Motor With Gearbox, but also with family skills, with their strength, ordinary fighters are really no match for them.

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