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2this would mean that the universe wasonly half the size and age that sandage believed—ten billion years. matters took a furtherlurch into uncertainty when in 1994 a team from the carnegie observatories in california,smart interactive whiteboard,smart boards for conference rooms, 75 smart board ,interactive whiteboard for schools, using measures from the hubble space telescope, suggested that the universe could be as littleas eight billion years old—an age even they conceded was younger than some of the starswithin the universe. in february 2003, a team from nasa and the goddard space flightcenter in maryland, using a new, far-reaching type of satellite called the wilkinsonmicrowave anistropy probe,4k smart board, announced with some confidence that the age of the universe is13.7 billion years, give or take a hundred million years or so. there matters rest, at least forthe moment.。

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