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Main Norm:

DIN2391-94/C DIN1630 EN10305 DIN2445 ASTM A179 SAE J524 JIS G3454

Main Steel Grade: 

ST35/E235 ST37.4 ST45/E255 ST52/E355

Delivery Condition:


Synopsis of Process Routing:

High quality carbon steel, cold rolled, bright heat treatment without oxidization (NBK status), nondestructive testing. The inner wall of the steel tube is washed with special equipment and washed under high pressure, antirust oiling outside surface, plastic capping on both ends.

Main Features:

Inner and outer walls of tube have high accuracy, excellent brightness, no oxidization after heat treatment and high cleanness inside tube. The steel tube is able to stand high pressure. No deformation after cold bending, no crack after flaring and flattening. The complicated geometrical forming and machining can be realized. Color of tube: bright white, with high metallic luster.

Main Application:

Used in automotive industry and in the occasion where the high accuracy, brightness. cleanness of the tube are required.

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