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FSH-SK08 product series is Guangzhou Ascend latest high efficiency, high precision and high reliability intelligent digital-control dispensing system. With all the necessary intelligent control features and integration capabilities. FSH-SK08 is suitable for all kinds of micro-mini battery injection, bio-medical reagent filling and other high precision low volume fluid application. FSH-SK08 includes a digital controller, a single end or dual end high precision digital controlled automated volume change mechanism, and special high precision ceramic pump modules. The system has solved the traditional issue of variable volume change and adjustment with advanced digital volume change technology.  



System Features

Intelligent digital volume control

Extremely high hardness(Mohs hardness rating of  9—next to diamond)and high density  special ceramics. Multi stage high precision polishing processing.

High efficiency and high precision.  (±0.3% CV)

Maintenance free design. Extremely reliable.

Online cleaning / sterilization

Driving method: step motor. Medium / high torque motor selection.

Counting function

Control method: Automatic control by external PLC / computer or IPC.  Or manual operation by external pedal switch

Communication port:  I/O,CC TRIG,AUX OUT,Ethernet,RS232

The linear motor automatically adjust angle. Digital volume change  with high precision and fast speed.

Online compensation mode improves stability substantially.

Anti-jam design to eliminate pump jamming.      


Typical Applications:

Lithium battery electrolyte injection

Silicone oil atomizing and spraying

Fluid drug dispensing or filling

Reagent dispensing or filling

Contact lens dispensing

Spraying or coating

Flavor, essence and liquid vitamin additions

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