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If you are an Epson printer user, you might experience Epson Printer error 000043 when switching on your Epson printer. It will happen when your Epson printer’s print head or ink cartridges have not been loaded into the printer. Accumulation of dust within the Epson printer’s print head or on the printer scanner could be one of the reasons for this error. The common fix to prevent triggering this error is to uninstall and reinstall your Epson printer driver. Check if a paper is not jammed in your Epson printer’s paper tray. The paper jam issue could be really frustrating and can damage your Epson printer if not handled carefully. Turning off the Epson printer and then turning back on after sometimes has also worked for many Epson printer users to fix this issue. If you are unable to fix this Epson error, try getting in touch with our Epson techies.

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