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In the event that you are encountering a “50.7” fuser mistake, first walk out on. In some cases the blunder will briefly disappear with a reboot so you can print a couple of more pages, yet normally the mistake returns. In the event that you as of late moved the printer around or on the off chance that you as of late introduced another fuser, you can take a stab at eliminating the fuser, pivoting the pinion wheels by hand (it’s troublesome!), and reseating the fuser to attempt once more.
In the event that you have NOT as of late supplanted the fuser or vigorously jarred the printer around, then, at that point the 50.7 Fuser mistake shows you have a genuine fuser disappointment (the outfitting pressure isn’t delivering) and the fuser needs supplanting. Fusers are a consumable part and they are the principle segment in a printer support pack; it is normal over the existence of the printer you will supplant the fuser/upkeep unit a few times.
​​​​​​​If you need to fix the issue click here HP Error 50.7

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