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In fact, this step is not within the scope of the test, but Ma Yishan wants to know how much this mentally strong student can bear. There are three testing rooms for the physical examination of the cadets. According to the data of the first two levels, they are assigned to different testing rooms, and then the last level is tested. These data are confidential parts of the army, and they will not be disclosed to the outside world. Outside students do not know that different testing rooms bring them different prospects, because there are different intensities. The test results will go directly to the officers, and under their sharp eyes, they will select the most suitable talents for their needs for different degrees of training, so as to train talents for the future. What is the most advanced weapon you are using now? McJoe said, “AK47.” This is an ancient pistol. Ma Yishan had not even heard of it, so he judged that the question could be passed. Next, Ma Yishan raised the intensity of the test again. McJoe trembled all over his body. He felt all his tendons twitching, like an insect drilling into his brain. It was very painful. Does it hurt? You can tell me the name of your planet and I’ll stop. McJoe shook his head with a pale face. “No, I won’t. Go on.” After finishing his own work, Niu Er got into the other side of Ma Yi’s shirt and looked at the data on the screen. He could not help opening his mouth. As the test was still in progress, he did not open his mouth. He looked at McJoe in the transparent sealed space. The lean boy’s mental strength was very strong,smart board for conference room, no matter where he came from, no matter whether he had a pregnancy injection or not. His coming here today is a necessary process to become a strong man. Ma Yishan continued to ask two more questions. McJoe did not say the name of the planet. Finally, Ma Yishan touched his forehead and found that his palms were sweating. It’s over. The instrument that tortured McJoe so much that his whole body was almost out of force finally stopped working. Niu Ertong turned off the intercom and said to Ma Yishan, “With his ability, he really doesn’t look like a person who has had a pregnancy injection.” Ma Yishan nodded in silence: “Indeed, it is not necessarily after the pregnancy injection will change people’s personality,interactive panel board, perhaps there are exceptions, McJoe is one of them, I began to want to study him a little.” Niu Er pants smiled. Ma Yishan walked into the sealed space and removed the instrument from McJoe. When McJoe got out of bed, his legs were trembling. Niu Erpan looked at Ma Yishan and helped McJoe out. He gave him a reproachful look. The test was limited. McJoe’s test today was out of the prescribed range, but maybe he did a good thing. After all, the result should be reported to the superior. McJoe naturally did not know that not everyone had to enjoy the physical strength test. When he got out of bed and his legs were weak, he really thought of those students before. When he thought that his legs were weak because of this kind of thing, he sighed in his heart that his strength was far from that of others, so he redoubled his efforts in the following training. He can’t lose to others, and he can’t be worse than other students. After McJoe breathed, he walked from the special passage to the gate. The next one to go in for a physical examination was Oklin. He saw that McJoe’s face was pale and his smile did not weaken. Instead, he whispered in his ear when he passed by McJoe: “You are very weak.” McJoe listened without any expression, touch screen board classroom ,smartboards in classrooms, but his roommate, Animan, who was waiting for him, supported McJoe and asked him, “What does Oklin mean? What did he say to you?” McJoe, who didn’t want to cause trouble, shook his head and said, “He didn’t say anything.”. I’m a little tired. I want to go back to the dormitory and have a rest. Animan knows that he is not very familiar with McJoe. Oaklin’s performance last night was not very popular with others. There was not much good feeling. Of course, there was no disgust. After all, he did not do anything too much, but Oaklin had his pride. Since no one wanted to discuss the topic of Oklin, on the way back to the dormitory, Animan started the topic of today’s physical examination: “Why is your physical examination so tired? I don’t feel anything.”. ” McJoe thought it was because of his body and said, “Maybe my physical quality hasn’t reached your standard yet.” Animan didn’t want to hit McJoe either. He sighed worriedly, “I’ll send you back to the dormitory and give you some porridge in the canteen later.” “Thank you,” McJoe replied to Animan’s enthusiasm. Animan patted him on the shoulder and laughed: “In the future, we will live together, train together and become good comrades in arms.” “Naturally,” McJoe said. Comrades-in-arms should be honest with each other and trust each other, so that they can get the highest level of cooperation on the battlefield. Two people chat casually, basically Animan is talking, McJoe is listening, which reminds McJoe of his school friend Wang Yulei, that child is really happy for him, later to give him a message, a sincere friendship or to maintain, originally he did not have many friends in this world. Back in the dormitory, they found that it was not only McJoe who was so tired that he collapsed, but also Zhao Fei who came back early to rest. He was now lying in bed breathing heavily. His voice was neutral and sharp, and he spoke like a woman with dysmenorrhea during menstruation. It’s so hard. McJoe basically quickly adjusted his mentality, the quality of the heart is naturally several times better than other students, he poured himself a glass of water after drinking no discomfort, but the body is still relatively tired. Animan, who did not need to take care of McJoe, turned to Zhao Fei, who was shouting hard on the bed, and he really had the potential to be an old maid. When McJoe lay down, he closed his eyes and prepared to rest. In the case of other people can not see, the small table into his quilt,smart board interactive whiteboard, quietly climbed to McJoe’s chest to eavesdrop on his heartbeat, and use some of his small equipment to check McJoe’s current physical condition, the data in a second to Deng Tianqing’s communication table. Sleeping McJoe did not know that a general working with a cold face was even more gloomy when he saw his body data.

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