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Canon Printer Error 5100 can occurs due to several reasons. It is basically a hardware problem. The main reason that is most responsible for the error is an outdated driver. If the printer drivers get outdated. Canon Printer Error 5100 is the most annoying error which is being reported by most of the users. Error 5100 arises if there is a problem in ink carriage which may damage your machine. The Canon Error Code 5100 is pointing out that there is a lot of trouble. Typically something is currently being hammered the cartridge section. So, Error 5100 is related to the problem of having to be fixed by using service mode. Before you learn about the sources of conflict, there are some symptoms that need your attention. This notification typically appears when you try to print a set of papers. The error code popularly known by 5100, stops the printing process from taking place. This is one of the basic tips by which you can easily solve the issue. To do so, the first thing you need to do is. Click and hold the “R” and Windows key altogether from the keyboard.

Canon also has a separate and dedicated customer support team. So the user who has any concern are free to contact the Canon Printer support number (Toll-Free) which is made available on different platforms. This customer support is 24/7 active and the user may get in touch with the qualified and experienced customer support representatives. These representatives can resolve all your issues in a short span of time. Or you can get in touch with our official site.

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