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Main Specification:

ASTM A213 ASTM A269 ASTM A312 ASTM A511 DIN 17456 DIN17458 EN10216-5 JIS3446 JIS3459 JIS3463

Steel Grade:

304 304L 304H 316 316L 317 317L 321 347


OD: 4 – 200 mm WT: 0.5 – 20 mm

The Maximum Length: 35 m

Main Characteristics:

High cleanness and high precision of inside and outside surface, good mechanical properties, excellent cold bending ability. high temperature resistant and antioxidation Good corrosion-resistance in alkali. sea and various acids. We can make the process of bright heat treatment and polishing according to the customers’ requirements. Polishing range: 150-635 grids.

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