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Description Of Fildena 100:

Fildena 100 mg (Sildenafil Citrate) is that the solution you are seeking in case you’ve got sexual impotence. Many men anywhere the planet harm from sexual impotence, even known as male erectile Dysfunction.

It might be that you definitely also occur to be stricken by an equivalent problem and as a result you’ve were given been trying to hunt an answer to the present, then you might possibly have tried to are looking for out all you’ll on how you’ll treat this giant problem.

Here is all of the know-how you would love to understand on in Fildena energetic factor is sildenafil citrate and the manner it is able to assist you with male erectile disorder.

How To Take Fildena 100 Mg:

Tiny pink-colored triangle pills are clean for the usage of up and slips effortlessly through throat whilst taken alongside water. Consume only 1 medicine in consistent with day, half-hour preceding to intercourse.

Tiny red colored triangle remedy is clean to consume and slips smoothly thru throat. Take medicinal drug in reality with plain glass of water & except high fat food. Don’t regulate the nation of drugs via chewing or crushing as it could lower effectiveness of medicine.

How To Work Fildena:

It task by means of inhibiting the chemical phosphodiesterase inside the frame. Sildenafil essential activity is to increase blood flow to the male sex organs (penis). This end result is you get a protracted-lasting advent which could last as long as four hours. If you want a quick result, you could place the drugs beneath the tongue, when it dissolves by means of itself, you get a result within 15 minutes.

Dosage Of Fildena 150 Mg:

Fildena 150 medication containing the lively element, Sildenafil Citrate is used within the remedy of Erectile Dysfunction and Pulmonary Hypertension. Fildena is the prescription based totally drug and may be available in diverse strengths and other substitutes.

You need to ask your physician approximately its frequency, & period as age & severity of the ailment range in every private. Patients are advised to take Fildena at any time 30 minutes before the sex. Don’t devour high doses at a time & also do no longer devour it for a longer time. It isn’t always recommended for girls and the paediatric population.

Side-Outcomes Of Fildena 100:

Any response from taking Fildena vs Viagra is minor. The not unusual ones include upset stomach, headache, dizziness, imaginative and prescient issues, sensitivity to mild, flushing, and rashes. Rare aspect consequences are listening to problems, temporary blindness, and really extended and painful erection. If any of these aspect results arise, urgently consult the doctor.

Warning Of Fildena Pill:


Before you start taking Fildena 120 mg, see your medical doctor to discuss your clinical history. Let your medical doctor realize if you have excessive blood strain, kidney harm, liver harm, sickle mobile anaemia, cancer, bleeding issues, myeloma, or if your penis has anatomical deformities.

Storage Of Fildena Pill

Medicine fildena 100 United Kingdom is composed in normal medicinal drug form. Store fildena America the medication in cool & dry vicinity. Keep it at a safe space from arrive of kids & pets. Avoid intake of the medicine submit its expiry date & cast-off expired medicine cautiously.

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