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Canon Printer Error Support Code 6000 indicates that anything in the printer is interfering with carriage flow. In any event, I was able to locate the issue: a ripped piece of paper on the printer’s left side. It is difficult to obtain, but it is attainable. The printer is now operational! However, this is sometimes caused by a software issue.

This problem happens when something becomes stuck in the printer’s paper feed tray, preventing it from opening. It might be dust or bits of paper. Canon Printer Error Support Code 6000 can also occur when the tray is not properly seated in the tray. This error may also occur if we attempt to issue several paper print commands at the same time.

Sometimes, it may also appear on your system, when the printer is surrounded by lots of documents. The line feed is either scratched or smeared. This error also arises, when any defect arises in the sensor unit or in-line-feed slit.

Canon Printer Error Support Code 6000 occurs when the Paper jams in the Output paper slot, inside the printer or Automattic Document Feeder. Follow us to resolve this Canon Printer Error Support Code 6000 easily. follow our blog below.

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